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Sell your house in Amsterdam

Whether you are looking for a home in Amsterdam or if you want to sell your home, we as a real estate agent in Amsterdam can be of service to you. Thanks to our experience in real estate, our network and adequate work in a professional manner, we can realize the highest sales price for you or negotiate a competitive price for your investment. We, as a real estate agent in Amsterdam, gather daily knowledge of the Amsterdam real estate market through our contacts with real estate managers, landlords and other brokers. As a result, you are assured of correct advice, a good asking price and a good end result. We are at your disposal when it comes to selling your own home or finding the right investment property.

Amsterdam brokerage services

Selling your own home is a process in which you want it to run smoothly and where you want to be kept informed of developments. Real estate agent Amsterdam ensures that you are continuously informed of the latest developments so that you can make the right decision in every area. Our Real Estate Agent Amsterdam service will also provide you with good advice, so that you can look back on the sale or purchase with a good feeling afterwards. The first step, for us as a broker in Amsterdam, is a non-binding conversation about the wishes, questions and other topics regarding the sale and from there we will further shape the sales process. A professional presentation of your home will be made and we will determine the asking price together. We can advise you on this, for example, looking at what has been sold in the area by other brokers and for what price. We will then advertise the property through various online and offline channels and screen interested parties for relevant interest, so that no time is wasted. After the viewings, the negotiation process starts with the potential buyers, we can advise on this process, so that you get the best financial result for the property.

Real estate brokerage costs at Vastgoed & Co.

Real estate agent Amsterdam, works with a fixed rate for selling a home in Amsterdam. The rate we charge for our brokerage services is 1% (excl. VAT) of the sales price with a minimum of €4,000 per sale. Are you having the idea of selling your (investment) object(s) with Vastgoed & Co? You have come to the right place and together we will look at the possibilities and what we can do for you as a real estate agent in Amsterdam.

Vastgoed & Co. your real estate agent in Amsterdam

When you have decided to sell your home(s), we would like to schedule a meeting with you, so that we can discuss the wishes with regard to the sale and put various matters in the right light. If you would like to sell several homes at the same time, please contact us to discuss the options.


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