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Since 2015 Vastgoed & Co. is specialized in property management in Amsterdam, managing and renting out real estate. Over the years this is expanded to city’s like Haarlem, Leiden and Utrecht.


When choosing our property management Amsterdam service we will ensure good communication to know what your needs are. With our connections and network in Amsterdam we are sure that we will find a suitable tenant for your properties and investments. Together we will look for the best property management solution, what do you want to outsource and what would you rather want to keep doing yourself. Our property management Amsterdam service has different options. Technical management, financial management and rental management. Have a look at the options below.

Property Management Amsterdam by Vastgoed & Co.

At Vastgoed & Co. we pride ourselves with our work ethics. Quality of work and optimal communication are of paramount importance to us. Have a look at our about us page to get an understanding of what we find important. Because of our extensive network in Amsterdam we are able to rent out properties. Are you interested in hiring us as your property manager in Amsterdam or surroundings?

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Rental Management

At Vastgoed & Co. we will look for the right temporary or long-term tenant for you. We will go through all the options during a no-obligation consultation. We scan the potential tenant, do viewings and arrange a rental agreement in consultation with you and the tenant. Then we will draw up an inspection report and take care of the handover of the keys. If desired, we will take care of the financial and technical management as well.

Technical & Financial management

The technical part of the property management consists of finding solutions for malfunctions, have preventive maintenance carried out and supervising activities related to this. We are the point of contact for your renters considering malfunctions, complaints and maintenance work. We can do inspections and make inspection reports.

Financial management consists of the administrative part of property management. Think of things like collecting rent, settlement of service costs, drawing up annual accounts and indexing of rents accompanied by written notice. It also involves monitoring rent arrears and payments as well as providing digital insight into all your financial matters regarding your real estate. Vastgoed & Co. also supports you in objecting to WOZ-assessments and obtaining valuation reports.

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